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Law & Order: SVU Arts

A Community for Law & Order: SVU Fan Arts

Law & Order: SVU Fan Arts
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Before you start posting or asking questions, please make sure you read our FAQ
first. The mods, CATH and
cheyenne-maria hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

Welcome to svu_arts, a place for you to share/enjoy Law & Order: SVU Fan Arts made by SVU fans. This community was created for all those talented people who spend much of their free time making Fan Arts about their favorite TV Show; Law & Order: SVU. The community is open for all but there are certain things that you need to be clear with!

1. No bashing! Respect the others opinion/taste.

2. If you’re posting more then three icons or a large graphic you must use an LJ - Cut.

3. Every person has their own guidelines for taking their icons, Wallpapers, Banners/Signatures and most of the time those rules are listed in the post. FOLLOW THEM.

4. Title your entry and do NOT forget to tag (kategorie) your entries.

5. Include an episode title if you're posting icons from episodes

6. If you're posting icons or other Arts from the newest episode use the LJ - Cut and announce it as a spoiler

7. include your resources or a link to your resources page

8. make sure that all posts to this community are PUBLIC, not friends-only. We like to keep this community as accessible as possible

9. Requests and Questions are made here
. You are to make your request and questions following the guidelines at that post.



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° TV - Junk

° Icon and Graphic makers

° SVU Media

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Disclaimer: Law & Order: SVU is the property of NBC and Dick Wolf. No copyright infringement is intended.